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Hi, would it be possible to allow users to sort notes by size?

At present I can display the size of each note in the sidebar, but clicking on the "size" label does nothing.


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Still available on a Mac or Windows desktop via Legacy...  but I have commented here before - culling the database doesn't provide any particular benefit other than reducing it's local size... which may be academic anyway given that the new version uses a temporary cache rather than permanent files (which of course Legacy does use, so you're greatly increasing the local size initially at least when installing it on desktop).

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17 hours ago, snsokstan said:

It is the local size I would like to shrink.  13 years, mostly on premium, lots of useless junk.

Probably the same here,  but I do my note management alongside general use of the database.  I see occasional duplicates / irrelevant reminders every day,  and just delete as I go. 

If you're checking Legacy in List view,  I think tapping the actual size column title should sort it in ascending or descending order.

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