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Acquiring Activity Logs for Support Tickets (Windows)

Shane D.


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Hi All,

To send an activity log for Evernote for Windows, please follow these steps:

1. Open the Evernote app and sync your account
2. Go to Help > Activity Log from the menu bar
3. Click Save As to save the log as a file on your computer
4. Attach the saved log

If you are unable to open the Evernote app, you can follow these steps:

1. For Windows 7: Click the Start menu and type "Run" in to Search programs and files.
    For Windows 8/10: Right-click the Start menu button, then select "Run"
2. Copy each of the following lines separately into the "Run" field (one or both may work), then hit enter:
     * %localappdata%\evernote\evernote\logs
     * %userprofile%\evernote\logs
3. Attach all the log files

The activity log contains a detailed log of steps that Evernote performs and is helpful for diagnosing the problem you may be experiencing. The activity log also contains information about your account, your device, and your location information (if enabled). The titles of your notes, tags, notebooks, attached files, and, if your account was having network syncing errors, some of your note content, may also be contained in the activity log. You may edit the log file to remove anything you do not want to send us. We treat activity log data as confidential information, and the terms of our Privacy Policy apply.


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