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It's a useless product if I can't cut-and-past out of Evernote

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I've been a Premium user for many years.

However, I'll now cancel and force myself to use OneNote because the inability to cut-and-paste from Evernote to Word, Outlook etc means Evernote is no longer fit for purpose.

I simply don't see the point of a new UI if the most basic of features has been removed.  I suggest the product owner / decision maker needs to better listen to customers or be sacked.

Also, I don't like paying for any product if if I can't find a "contact us" option.

(Win10, laptop, Evernote app user.)

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Thank you for the link, which I used to contact support.

The attachment shows the issue.
It shows an Evernote note (Win10 laptop) that includes images and links. 
When I copy the note from Evernote to Word or Outlook for example, no images are copied.

Response from Evernote support:

"Unfortunately. This is still a known limitation that is being worked on by our team. "

"Limitation" - copy and paste is surely perhaps the most BASIC feature for a note taking app!  I'm going to have to switch to OneNote.


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1 hour ago, jkjk said:

copy and paste is surely perhaps the most BASIC feature for a note taking app!  I'm going to have to switch to OneNote.

I completely agree - it's like having a filing cabinet where you can put things in, easily find them again but then not be able to take them out.

Short term I'm happy to use the Legacy product or the work around - drag the attachment or image to the desktop and from there to where you need it (that doesn't work in your use case of copying text and images).

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It does look like most of that note is an image.  AFAIK it would have been copyable from the Legacy version.  If that's a web page clip,  then the way to make it available would be to copy/ paste  it from the original page directly into a Word document and attach the file to a note.  As it is you may find that exporting attachments or directly copying the image from the note (or the page) and pasting it back into place will 'correct' the results.  No clue why it won't just copy from the note though...

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This is actually problematic in the legacy version and on the web. Makes screenshots a particular bother.

You can work around this by exporting your Evernote note as a web page and copy/paste from there. No, I don't consider that acceptable, but it does work. (And, once in HTML format, you can import it into another program that DOES support copy and paste. Just an idea.)


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