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Stop junk messages - Tip of the day

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2 hours ago, t8769 said:

How can I stop the annoying tip of the Day messages IN android Legacy?

I have turned off all notifications but they keep coming



Hi.  I didn't realise there were 'tip of the day' messages - can you post some screen shots?

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Hmmn.  Not exactly 'junk' - that looks like the type of 'helpful' message you get on a new account. I take it the 'manage notifications' link doesn't stop them - are they easily deleted via the bin icon?  Is this a recent new or upgraded account?  You could try a sync / uninstall / restart / reinstall (which is the usual fix for mobile issues) but check in the Play store first to make sure you get the same download version of Evernote offered.  Failing that, try a Support ticket https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new

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