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Loose notes? If I Downgrade plan from Premium to basic ?


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Hi Team,


I would like to downgrade my current Premium plan to a basic plan as I do not use Evernote as I use to in the past.

However, I do not want to loose any of my precious notes taken over the years. 

  1. If I switch to the basic plan, will I loose any of my notes? I do not care about any other features that the Premium Plan currently offers (scanning business card, annotate PDF, etc.).
    1. If so, is there a way to transfer over 500 notes to another platform (e-mail, cloud, etc.) seamlessly? 
  2. Also, I remember that the Premium plan used to offer the possibility to sync your notes from a PC to a smartphone and add a password to your notes. Is it still a premium feature or has this become part of the basic plan ?

I am trying to save some money as I am under the impression that I'm paying for nothing. 

Thanks all for any insight and help!

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Hi.  If you downgrade your account,  you'll be subject to Basic limits - so some notes may not be available to edit because they're too big;  but you won't lose any information already submitted.  You have the ability to export notes to HTML if you wish,  and some other providers will import from an Evernote account.  On a Basic account you have a 2 device limit,  so you can install Evernote on a mobile and a laptop and sign into an account on either device.  When you're signed in on the mobile you can add a password if you wish.  If at some stage you decide to upgrade again,  it's the same process in reverse. 

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