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iOS Web clipper not working correctly

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Webclipper in iOS no longer works correctly since upgrade. When it (barely) works, clips appear in a special “Web Clip” window within the note, which i am unable to format or manipulate. Most of the time EN app on my iphone is just perpetually hanging with a ‘circular arrow ‘loading icon going on interminably.

Another frustrating loss of functionality that was working quite well pre-upgrade...

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Agree, webclipper is now a mess.  It does not clip the PDF at all.  What is clips is some nonsense boilerplate from the website prior to the pdf that I download.  This has got to stop. Evernote is unusable like this.

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On 3/30/2021 at 5:04 PM, DenaDahilig said:

Yup... nothing "Save(d) to Evernote" ever appears in the app, neither the desktop or mobile. I've lost a day+ of research.

Same here. Very sad, as web clipping across platforms into one central repository was one of the main features for me. Not working for a year so already. Time to consider another platform 😔

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Clipping from the web on an iOS device never was and isn’t similar to the Webclipper on desktop. On iOS a feature of iOS is used to fetch content, on desktop it is software provided by EN.

The far better web clipper is the one of the desktop. Use it for serious clipping.

Here is how on iOS:

If EN is not seen in the list of apps to share to in Safari, often restarting the iPhone once helps.

It does not clip a pdf embedded into a site. PDFs need to be downloaded on iOS, or transferred by „printing“ and sharing the print as pdf.

Because clipping uses the sharing function, after clipping you need to open the app to make it import clipped content. A little black box will show telling it needs to import x clips. Only when this is done, the notes are created.

If you clip away a day, nothing has happened yet than filling the import stack. The stack probably is limited, content clipped can get lost. So on iOS clip a few sites, then open the EN app and let it import. 

After importing the clips, the new notes are marked with a green edge, This means they are created, but still need to sync with the server. Once synced the green symbol will be gone. You can force a sync by dragging down the notes list a little, or by the sync function in settings.

Clipped content on iOS is save on the server after clipping by sharing, then importing into the app and finally syncing it to the server. This is the iOS process, taking 3 steps.

The EN WebClipper on desktop does all 3 steps in one process.

Final remark: I don’t say it is great. I only say how it works - doesn’t fail me when done this way.

Little extra: There is a predefined iOS shortcut in the shortcuts app. Open the shortcuts app, gallery and search for EVERNOTE. One of the shortcuts found is for clipping. It improves clipping in iOS somewhat.

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On 5/11/2021 at 4:10 AM, PinkElephant said:

Little extra: There is a predefined iOS shortcut in the shortcuts app. Open the shortcuts app, gallery and search for EVERNOTE. One of the shortcuts found is for clipping. It improves clipping in iOS somewhat.

What is the "Shortcuts" app?

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Sorry, just found the Shortcuts app, which is cool. But for a solution to an Evernote web clip, it's not ideal as PinkElephant mentions.. It just pastes the web page into a note, but you can't edit the formatting. So, web clipper on desktop is far superior to this.

I was just sharing links via email before and web clipping it on desktop- I will probably continue doing that.

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There is no web clipper on iOS.

On iOS the operating system does the clipping, it is not an independent piece of software from EN.

This only exists for the desktop as a browser extension. Currently there are no browser extensions allowed under iOS.

Browser extensions are announced with iOS 15 - maybe there will be a real clipper then.

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If you want to bring something to the attention of EN, issue a support ticket, or use the feedback option in the app.

We guys around here are other users (except those with a "Staff" badge), and if you don't like what you hear, we won't make the courier.

About the web clipping on iOS: Never worked better than today, it was the same lukewarm mess with the old app as well (for the same reason as today). If nice clips with some options is what you want, use the desktop web clipper.

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