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Conflict URL Scheme for Evernote and Yinxiang

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I've installed both Evernote and Yinxiang(印象笔记) and they seem to have the same URL Scheme as 'evernote’. It will launch Yinxiang if I visit an evernote URL or an In-App Link (i.e., evernote://, evernote:///view/.......) from iOS shortcuts. Is there anyway to launch Evernote by the URL?



Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 00.24.29.png

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Hi.  This is the only help page I can find - Transfer your notes from Evernote to Yinxiang Biji

I appreciate it's not the question you are asking,  but you really need to discuss with Evernote how to proceed - these are (I believe) now two separate organisations and your notes may have been shared between them at one stage,  but may not be automatically  updated between the two accounts now.  Evernote are the best people to ask... https://twitter.com/evernotehelps


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