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Graphic Tablet and Evernote

Lucas G. Pamplona


Hello developers, how are you? I'm here to talk about a problem editing PDFs in Evernote (Windows, Desktop) that I encountered. I have a Digitizing Table and it is extremely useful in the workflow of reading documents, books or small articles, since I have the lightness to be able to make text markings, annotations and indicate arrows. The problem that Evernote is presenting is precisely there: when using the text markup tool, for example, the simple click of the pen under the graphics tablet causes the editor to suffer a bug in which he does not stop '' cross out '' the pdf. It's pretty annoying, but I think it can be easily resolved. Ah, I could not fail to thank you for the new update that allows us to scratch the screen of evernote '' in white '' with a third application (Epic Pen, for example), take a print of what was scratched (a delimited print, I mean) and, later, paste it in the note without demonstrating that there was a print over print. I noticed that the note recognizes the background color of Evernote and thus makes the print very similar to an edition in the note itself (as in OneNote). It was a little difficult to explain, but I think you understand ...


Acknowledgments from Brazil.

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