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Internal Links (app link versus the dreaded web link)



I just updated to version 10.10.5, read about the new drag and drop a note to a note to create an internal link (not really new - rather a restored feature... Legacy version does this).  Well, it creates the dreaded internal web link instead of an internal app link.  The result is that the linked note opens in a web browser [on a PC] instead of in the [Windows] app.  I'm wondering - did someone at Evernote actually test this with the [Windows] app and think, "Wow, that's great; it opened the note in a web browser - exactly what the user will want!"
I'm baffled by the need for the internal web link at all.  The internal app link works on all clients including the browser interface (though the New (v10) Evernote iOS app is only able to create the internal Web Link now), so what's the benefit of the internal web link?  Please, fix the mobile apps so they create an internal app link, and get rid of the internal web link option all-together!  The Legacy app [v6.25] does it right; dragging and dropping creates an internal [app] link, and there is no option nor need for an internal web link - which from my perspective is nothing more than an annoyance, and productivity killer!
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