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How to Redeem the Student Discount

Shane D.


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Hi All,

Follow these steps to redeem the Student Discount offer:

1. Go to the offer page and create a new Evernote account or sign in to your existing Basic account.

2. Enter your eligible school email address. You will be sent an email verification.

3. Click the verification link in the email sent to the address you entered.

Your school email address does not have to be the primary email address on your Evernote account. If you already have an Evernote account using a different email address, you can apply this offer to that account and the only communication we’ll send to your school email address is the verification email.

If your school email address is not eligible, see this article:


We hope that you find this information helpful, and please consider upvoting this thread or adding a reaction if you found it useful.

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