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Request: Key commands to change sort order of note list

Stacey Harmon


The sort order of the note list (whether it is all notes, a filtered view inside a notebook or stack, or in search results) is very important to my overall efficiency and productivity.

I change the sort order all the time depending on the notebook I'm in and what I"m seeking.

It would be hugely helpful (a big time and click saver) to be able to change sort order by key command (on desktop). If this existed, I can see these key command becoming as important as CMD+J and CTR+CMD+M are to me.

I might even really like some kind of key command that lets me quickly cycle through the different sort orders in addition to key commands that jump me right to my desired sort order (or one or other...both sound like they'd do what I seek)

This request is somewhat related to another feature request where I'd like the sort order to be remembered as part of the "Save current view options for this notebook" preference. Both would make me very happy!

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