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Downgraded account to free - Can I still access my old notes from the desktop app (legacy)?

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Similar to many of you, I have been a pretty heavy EN user for several years but I have found myself beside myself about the Evernote changes in the past 6 months. While pondering what to do I accidentally let my subscription re-up automatically about 2 weeks ago (they really should send emails warning about that!!). I sent an email a day ago asking for a refund because I wanted to cancel. Today I open the app and it tells me that I have to deactivate devices because of a 2 device limit. I don't care about syncing new content but I somehow expected to be able to open the app and access old content. Is this not the case? Is the desktop app (legacy) rendered useless after downgrading? 


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15 minutes ago, Chmedly said:

Is the desktop app (legacy) rendered useless after downgrading? 

As a Basic account, you are limited tp two devices (web counts as a device)    
Revoke access to extra devices and you can access your data   

This applies to both the Legacy and Version10 products

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I'm sorry, I'm dense.

Can you clarify?

Does this mean that if/when I open the app, I will have NO ACCESS to my data on that device without setting that device as the ONE device that is "registered" with my account? In other words, I may as well delete the app (and all of my data) from this one device if I DON'T set this device as the registered one? 

I suppose I can still "access" my data from the website from any device? 


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1 hour ago, Chmedly said:

I suppose I can still "access" my data from the website from any device? 

Web access is counted as a device 

Simply access the device list in your account settings   
Select two devices and revoke access to others   

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