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Cannot Join Team on Evernote Bussiness

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The PI in the lab I am in sent me an invite to join the lab's Evernote Business team. I clicked the link on the email, but it told me since I already have an account with the university email, I need a personal email address to set up the account. My personal email already has an account attached to it, so I get the error "email already in use".

I figured I'd just delete the account tied to the university and start fresh. Now I get an error that says I need to finish setting up the account tied to the university, but when I try I get an "invalid account error".

I tried to find a way to email or call support, but I'd have to pay to upgrade my personal account to get support for a separate account that I can't even set up. I'm not sure what else to do at this point. I'd really appreciate some assistance.

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Hi. Your Business account admin is the person to talk to - I don't understand how you have an account linked to your university email and an account linked to your personal email... or why that should prevent you from also joining the lab's Business account.  A separate personal premium account for each user is part of the Business package,  and you should be able to create your personal account even if you also have a separate Basic package.  It should be possible to change the email address connected with an existing account,  so that might be an option.  The lab account Admin will have priority access to Evernote support so should be able to help you sort this out. 

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