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Forced INtegrated Change

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I do not know if others have faced this issue or not...but why am I being "FORCED" to change to an upgraded option? I have used the "free" option for what I use Evernote for going on a few years now. All of a sudden I am being forced to "integrate" with the program...Premium Upgrade. I was FORCED to deselect one of my devices to continue to use this platform. I use it on my desktop and my Android phone... no issues until this FORCED upgrade came about. It is advertised as being able to use 2 devices for free but that seems not to be the case. I have almost 200 notes that I access from time-to-time and transferring to another platform would be tedious to say they least but to get away from a company that makes things this difficult... I may have to take the time. Unless there is a solution to the confusing verbage and descriptions on this site.      I await a response.

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Hi.  You're not being forced.  It's entirely the user's choice whether or not to upgrade existing software - it's an choice in 'options' or 'preferences' whether to update automatically or not.  Evernote has also provided the Legacy version for desktops so you can step back if you wish.

Deselecting a device has to do with the restrictions applied to free use of the software.

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11 hours ago, Vince20056 said:

I use it on my desktop and my Android phone.

Did you check the device list in your user settings?    
Be aware, web access is counted as a device

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