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Right-Clicking Latency on correcting words

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I'm really addicted on the fuction of correcting single words by pressing the right clicking on it and chooseing the correct word.
But on EN the latency is almost 5 to 10 SECONDS ! So unusable, becaiuse it also freezes the whole EN.
How can I change that latency, if it's even possible ?

Image 20210324 (5).png

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  • Evernote Staff*

Hi. Thanks for this report. We're aware of this issue. A fix is in the works, but I do not yet have an ETA. I will follow-up here with details on this issue ASAP. 


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Window app version 10.10.5 

Thanks to report this out, I have exactly the same problem and even worst, when I can select the good corrected word from the suggestion menu, it doesn't correct or change the word,  it still remain uncorrected.

Thanks and have a nice day.


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