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Search algorithms not effective

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Hi team, 

I have been an evernote user for a decade or so, premium for the last five I think. I am approaching 10,000 notes. Unfortunately when I search for something I get a very substandard response, it just floods my screen with responses I dont want. I spent a little time looking at search syntax, it is cumbersome and fussy. here is the test - six times out of ten for public information I just go to google and find it that way.... can you please build a better search engine, make it smarter and easier to use and provide results that can be funnelled back to areas of interest. Otherwise, keep up the good work.

kind regards


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In fact EN search is probably meant to be sort of fuzzy - often when you search you will not know exactly which search parameters to use, so it takes you close to the result, and lets you narrow it down further. I would not compare it to Google search, which lives of an indefinite larger base of search content and search history. Googles Search practically lives of what other users searched before, and what they found interesting from the results. This is obviously something EN can’t allow to happen on your personal data.

The search language is better than it seems at first glance, although it is not completely Boolean, which means you have to learn how to use it to your advantage. I found tags helpful to initially or during a search narrow the results down pretty fast. You need to invest into tagging, but it pays off in retrieval. 

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