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(Archived) Sync with the portable DB - NO cloud?

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When I install an ENb3 database on my memorystick, add/change some notes on another computer (where I don´t have internet access) and then come back to my own computer and want to synchronize the two DBs....

Is it correct that I *have* to go through the internet to synchronize the databases?

No way to do it just locally?


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In a couple of months, we will add an import/export file format for both Windows and Mac that can be used to export a set of notes to a file and then import them on another Evernote computer. In theory, you could use this to carry notes between two computers if you want to have identical notes in local notebooks on both.

A better solution might be using our USB support so that your entire database was stored on a single USB key ... then you wouldn't need to copy at all, you'd just be using the same DB in both places. (Win32 only)

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