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Where is SORT feature for Reminders?

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I just updated to Evernote 10 (10.6) on my Pixel 2XL running Android 11. I cannot find a sort feature for the "Reminders", although I see a sort feature for my notes. I need my reminders sorted by "date" in descending order (most recently updated at the top) and also the ability to reorder (move) them. This was the default in previous versions of the app. When I click on reminders, I only see "view options", no sort feature. They appear to be in ascending order.

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This is a common problem across all of the v10 apps... The only way to sort by reminders is to go into the reminders tab for a notebook/list view.  However, you can't sort the main list by reminder date or saved search results.  This has been one of my major complaints since the rollout of v10 since saved searches for different "contexts" of reminders is part of my workflow.  However, this is one of the few remaining "bugs" they have yet to address.  It is much more glaring on desktop, since other columns are clickable in list view to sort the results.

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Thank you for your reply, aukirk. Actually, I had read your post last night and saw that it was related. When you say to click on "reminder tab" for list view, are you referring to the desktop version? I am working on my Pixel 2XL smartphone app, just upgraded to version 10 (10.6) - don't see any tabs or columns, although I can switch between notes and reminders. When I tried to access mobile version of Evernote, I got a message saying there is no mobile version for Android. Can this really be true? I can't even get the app to create new notes or clip via web clipper because it can't find my default notebook. Only thing I can do is view existing notes or create a new note on Evernote.com which is quite painful to attempt on a smartphone.

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I just received this reply from Evernote. It doesn't appear they view this as a bug or issue, just considering this as a future feature. But if they don't consider sort is important to Reminders, why then display the reminder list as oldest first? Wouldn't most people want to see newest first? And why omit the ability to at least move reminders within the list, which existed in earlier versions by pressing and dragging on a reminder (Android)?

Here is part of the response I received from Evernote -

We regret to inform you that sorting the 'Reminders by date is not yet built into the new Evernote app. This is one of a handful of features we are still considering. Thanks for letting us know this feature is important to you. I will share this information with our product team.

We appreciate you for sharing this idea with us. I’ve gone ahead and made note of this for our development team. While we can’t commit to getting all feature requests into the product, we do rely on our community to tell us what they’d like to see in the future. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other ideas.

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