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Multiple Windows in EN 10 as in the legacy versions

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Well, I am not happy with the new version of EN. I tried out EN 10 10.9 and it looks nice but what I missed was the ability to have multiple EN windows. I usually have two or three windows open. Each with an different notebook. I think this funtionality, which is very important for me, is gone with EN 10 or will it be back in one of the later versions?

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I hope this feature will be back in the future. I am currently unsure if I should stay with Evernote or switch to another tool which is future-prof.

Is there something like a roadmap for future features of the 10 series?

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Any prognosis is difficult, especially those that try to preview the future ...

There are hints of what is currently „work in progress“ with every release note. There are those features that will not be transferred to v10, from the initial release notes. Multiple windows is in between, not mentioned in either source.

Regarding future proofness: I assume for good reason that legacy will be around for quite a while. Nobody is worse off because there is a v10 alongside with legacy.

My strategy is to use both, and don’t bother too much about what may be. It doesn’t help with solving today’s tasks.

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Dear all,

is there any progress on this topic? I am still happy with the powerfull legacy version, but I started to think about migrating all my content to a different solution/plattform.

So, is here anyone from the product management team, reading this? A final statement would be nice.

Thank you

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Nobody here who can comment - the forum is user2user.

You can ask support - which most likely will not result in any fixed and set information on topics like this.

My personal opinion: There is either a technical problem, or it is not high on the backlog. I wouldn’t  wait for it.

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