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Creating new login - why let user create account without confirming email first?



The Subforums in the forum have a little bit weird labels.  Don't they? If I have a question how to use Evernote or figure out best-practice, then the names of the subforums would make sense. If I have an issue with the account, then it doesn't make sense to have to pick any of the subforums (none / or all of them apply?).


Anyhow .. here is the issue with the login:

Why does let Evernote let the user client account without confirming email address first?  This is what I have done on Evernote Android... enter whatever email and password and account is created. Wouldn't Evernote have to deal with spam like that? 

The issue is if I create an account but the email is wrong, and later forget the password, I will not be able to recover the account because, yeh, the email was entered wrong.

So I could for example enter NAME.NAME@GMAAAIL.COM by mistake instead of Gmail when creating new account. Evernote doesn't let me to verity it, I add 100's of notes and later if I lose the account password, there is no way to recover it because I entered email wrong.

It's not the best practice I believe.

And if I remember correctly there were some users ... recently... who for some reasons were locked out of the account through error by Evernote... yet, they used carelessly some email address that didn't work when they were trying to recover Evernote account.

Suggest Evernote will change the login process and require email confirmation before the account is created.

I think this is the standard practice everywhere so I wonder why is Evernote not following it.

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