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Confession: I like Evernote and yes I do have more than one account

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I do have multiple accounts with Evernote. Who doesn't? And I do get free ride. The main reason for me to have multiple accounts is security and privacy. I keep stuff in a few separate accounts... Personal, Interests, Work and Junk that way if something somewhere leaks, at least is my exposure lower. 

My total monthly uploads are well below 60 Mb but I do have about 5,000 mostly text notes across my accounts. My personal wikipedia so to speak.

The issue: 

The issue with Evernote pricing is it doesn't allow me to contribute to Evernote development. At the current prices, I would need to fork out about $40 per month. 

Suggestion is have a Start account for example for 0.99 or 1.99 or 2.99 or whatever symbolic price to pay for a little more perk (e.g. 100 mb per month instead of 60 mb or to be able to search within PDFs and documents etc). And I will be more than happy to pay for all my 4 accounts, because I do like Evernote and I want this company to continue to thrive and to invest in security, in technology and hiring people. 


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Multiple accounts are not a good idea to solve the problem described.

If you use a good password plus 2FA, your one account is as safe as several ones. A good password means it is unique for the service, completely random and long enough. What this means depends on the threat szenario, but in general 20 digits are currently said to be unbreakable, even if a lot of resources are dedicated for a brute force attack.

Several accounts lead to the problem that you need to follow the same routine several times, especially when switching between the accounts which can result in attrition effects. Nothing ever happens, you have all that login trouble, so you start to lower security. And you don’t have a chance to consolidate content, for example when searching.

One properly secured EN account does cost you 60€ per year, even less in the first year. No excuses for not contributing, it is the price for a cup of „to go“ per month.

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1. How about the risk of the remote (but not impossible) chance of Evernote getting somehow exposed and getting hacked and perhaps somehow data and hashed passwords leaking.

2. How about 3rd party apps?  I have plenty of apps accessing Evernote... Zapier, Integromat, apps on mobile devices, integration with storage services online etc.. Total of dozen or more outside services and tools accessing my Evernote account. Dropping them is not a option.

So what do you propose? Still to keep one account with my whole life in one account? I doubt.


3. Ok, I throw another wrench. Emergency access to Evernote account on a public computer while travelling.

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On 3/28/2021 at 3:23 PM, Gazebo said:

I use one account for everything, as that seems to be point of the service - the external brain.

If you set it up with a good password and 2FA I don’t see where the risk is? 


But you can't passwod protect the app if you share a device, can you?

That's what I came to the site to find out today. I need to keep some of my info private from other people, but they can go straight into Evernote once they're in to the desktop. I share this device. I want to be able to password protect it so I can keep one account.

After reading the OP, I'm thinking having another Evernote account that I only keep on one private device might be the way to go. I have to say it's really inconvenient though. 

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2 hours ago, bluedharma said:

But you can't passwod protect the app if you share a device, can you?

The app is password protected    
You have to enter userid/password to access your data

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On 3/30/2021 at 8:44 AM, DTLow said:

The app is password protected    
You have to enter userid/password to access your data

Strenght of the password has a direct impact in the scenario where you only use Evernote client to access notes, you only use it at locations you trust (your devices) and you trust Evernote is doing their part in keeping data safe as according to best pracctices possible. 

The strenght of the password has almost negligable relevance on the other sigificant points I made in the follow up post.

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