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Performance is poor and frustrating, starting to think on switching to something else

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Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of this app, I'm using it alot but now evertime I'm swtiching from one app to the other, Evernote freezes for 30 sec to 1 mins and its hurting my productivity and increasing my frustration.    If Evernote is opened, CPU goes up and it is impacting my other applications.  When I'm taking note, it is about something and I need to be able to swtich from the something to Evernote back and forth without having to wait.

I know that the app. is going it through refactoring and from month to month I'm hoping to see the performance getting better but it does not.

Memory consumption is high and processing power is too intense.  

Do I have too many notes (1,594)?  Do I use too many tags (a lot because its a force of the software to easily search in my notes)?  If yes....  Do I need another product?

I mean, yes I have over 1.5K notes, but I'm not working on all of them at the same time....   I can accept lower performance on loading a not but not on editing one.

Am I the only one experencing this?

Is there any sun on the horizon?  I hope so..


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Hey, we seem to be many in your case. I'm on Windows 10 and everytime I switch from one note to an other Evernote's CPU usage go through the roof, 30-35%

I hope there is a fix soon

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Evernote is pretty fundamental to the way I function, but has become just a big headache. And not only this performance *****-up. How can they have spent so much on rebuilding the product, and yet got it so wrong?

Problem is - there's no alternative to Evernote. Why is there no competitor who simply creates a database of simple text notes. Without unfathomable complexity (Notion), infantile inflexibility (Keep) or clumsy structure (OneNote)?

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Ever heard of Joplin?

Said that, what machine you're on currently? You may consider going back to the last fully functional version (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954)

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