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Hi I have the Fujitsu Scansnap Evernote edition.



Trying to connect it to my Windows 10 computer and having no luck. Saw there is a conversion tool but it's not recognizing the scanner, says it's not connected so it won't install the conversion software. This so frustrating to now have a $500 paper weight. Can somebody help? I love this scanner

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There are 2 alternatives at the moment:

1) Get the firmware for the standard ix500 (if it is this EN ed model) from the Fujitsu web site and install it to the scanner via USB cable.

This will convert the EN ed into a standard ix500. This is permanent, no set back possible.

Then use the ScanSnapManager or ScanSnapHome Software to connect. There are profiles to scan directly into EN.

2) The alternative is to install the EN legacy client, use it at least for scanning and leave the scanner as it is.

This will work as long as the Legacy client will continue to work. You can decide to convert the scanner any time later.

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The problem is the computer isn't recognizing the scanner so it won't connect and can't install the conversion to the standard ix500 because it's not recognized as a connected device :( I don't know what else to try


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