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Merge: Want "Advanced Settings" to be remembered



First, I love the new Merge functionality...HUGE improvement and a lovely feature of v10!

I'd love to see a granular improvement to it.

I've noticed that if I modify the advanced settings of the merge, it doesn't hold those choices for the next time I merge. So, I have to remember to change the settings each time I execute a merge. 

I would prefer it if Evernote would remember my advanced settings choice until such time I changed it.

I believe this used to be an option in Evernote Windows preferences, so maybe there will eventually be preference options for this in v10? Regardless if this is planned for whenever "preferences" returns to the interface, I think I would find it most intuitive if Evernote would just consider my most current advanced options selection how I want the next one to be too. Of course, I could change that if I wanted, but then that would update my ongoing preference as well.


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