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I came back to Evernote Legacy

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I was feeling that my money was being disrepected by the new web only versions. The new editor is just a navigator with a web interface.

No local caches, updates taking 20 seconds of response. So, I dediced to goback to legacy and be happy again.

- not only the slowdown

- you guys removed the crtl+Q search

  - This is about productivity not releasing broken new features

thanks and appretiate and beleive that things will got better, do not change what is already working fine....

Rodrigo Rios

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Ditto... Going back to legacy.  The Evernote development team really missed the bulls-eye on version 10.  Please stop changing existing features that are working well and removing functions YOU think are no longer needed. 

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The decision about the feature set probably has more to do with the capabilities of the "framework" chosen as a platform for the new clients than a malicious interest in disrupting user workflows. Think of the framework as a browser without a user front end - what you see as app IS the user front end. The interaction with the OS on which the client is running is handled through the framework.

This makes it easier to develop new features, especially those that are doing browser-like content presentation, like the new Home-view.

It makes it more difficult when "hard" OS-level interaction is needed, like running a browser on an entirely local database.

This is not to say whether this is good or bad - it is different. Be happy, be unhappy, this will not change where things are going. Legacy is useful as a bridging tool - I run on it as well and hope they get essential features added before legacy stops to work.

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