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Can a single user/account holder use a business account to create notes that are 100,000 - 500,000?

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I ask because the website info on the business account says "shared among business users" and so it sounds like there might still be a number limit for a single user. 


Could you please clarify? Basically, I want to be be assured that a single user can create up to 500K notes with no problem. 

Thanks. KLEN

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On 3/21/2021 at 1:13 AM, KLEN said:

I want to be be assured that a single user can create up to 500K notes with no problem

Hi.  A single user (I believe) could create up to 600K notes,  because the Business account has a higher limit,  but also comes with a separate personal account for each user.  I'd strongly recommend against going the Business route though,  unless you have a few colleagues to share with.  A Business account requires as much administration as a website to allow users to access individual notebooks - you'd probably spend at least as much time on access admin as you would on using the notes.

It would be more sensible to use one Premium account until you start approaching it's limits,  and then - if necessary - create a second account to continue adding notes.

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The help article does not say anything about the conditions of reaching 500.000 notes, it just says it is the total for a business account between all of its users. Because in a business account, notes are not strictly related to a user any more, this may be a pretty specific question.

If this is important for your use case, ask support.

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Many thanks (!) to you both for this very helpful advice. So from what you both are saying/recommending, it sounds like it would be simpler not to switch to a business account.

I could indeed create a second account to continue adding notes, that sounds like a great idea for me to try - but would the existing account be seamlessly connected? That is/would be my practical and yes fairly specific concern, as PinkElephant notices perceptively. How do I ensure that I can continue to utilize all my existing notes too with no interruption. So for instance, if I add a tag that's already in the first account to a note in the hypothetical second account, would it be also automatically recognized and I could do an integrated search across the two accounts? And how would the second account appear on my desktop/local file? (I am using the legacy version, as the new version of the app is painfully slow and just does not serve the purpose for me.). I have many tags and it is absolutely essential that 1) I do not have to recreate the whole list of the tags, meaning all such words I type in should be auto-filled and 2) I can continue to cross-reference between all the notes whether they are in a single account or scattered along multiple accounts. I will be reaching 100K very soon. That's why I have this concern. 

I can ask support but my rough impression, so far, is that sometimes even an expert agent is clueless about some specific points and it sometimes takes too long to hear from the team. Thank you again so much, to both of you. 

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23 minutes ago, KLEN said:

an integrated search across the two accounts

Hi.  All due respect, but if you have more than 100,000 active records that need to be searched frequently,  you're doing something wrong. 

I've been using Evernote for 11-12 years now and I've generated 53,000 notes in that time.  A lot of those come from a professional library that I converted to e-documents.  (It used to occupy a small room full of paper on shelves and in filing cabinets - it's now on an external hard drive the size of one book...).  You'll have to work hard to generate more notes...

To answer your question - two separate accounts are exactly what they sound like. Two isolated silos for information that would have to be set up completely separately.  Searches in one would not affect the other.  It might be possible to set up a duplicate tag structure by backing up one account,  'restoring' it to the second,  then deleting all the old notes.. leaving behind the infrastructure of the original account without the content.

Also on searching - a Business account would be no better,  because you search (I believe) in either your own personal account,  or in the main database;  there are no global searches.

If a very large number of notes is a definite requirement,  I fear you may need to look at other note organisers to realise a 100,000+ note storage and search feature.  They are unlikely to offer Evernote's 'any device' flexibility and you would need to ask their support teams whether such a requirement is viable with their product.  One I just looked at to find out whether they had a maximum is "Rightnote" https://www.bauerapps.com/rightnote/

They don't quote a maximum but do make the point that the more notes you have,  the slower their service will take to load.  I don't know where the drop-off point would be for their,  or any other application - you might need to do some research!



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