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Screen snap in skitch is black

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I am not able to capture screenshot properly using Skitch (not sure released to upgrade of the Mac OS to Big Sur (ver 11.4). The output of the screenshot of the skitch is always the desktop background image instead of the active windows screen I was trying to capture. 

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I figured my issue out just now. I had the same issue.  This Big Sur update seemed change Skitch to just take shots of my background image behind what I wanted to snap. 

The fix was to go into:

System Preferences / Security & Privacy / Privacy / Screen Recording /
Then toggle Skitch off then on.  Be sure Skitch program is closed.   

This seems to reset it so Skitch has access to the screen grab.


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Hi all - I just wanted to say that tmittleman's solution above worked for me.

At first, I manually added the Skitch application under System Preferences / Security & Privacy / Privacy / Screen Recording /... by browsing to the Applications and picking Skitch.app. It made me restart Skitch, after which I noticed a prompt from the system telling me that "Skitch Helper" wanted permission to record the screen, which I allowed. After another restart prompt and me manually restarting the Skitch app again, it started to work.

Thanks tmittleman.

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