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Account deleted, all notes gone



I created an Evernote account in 2015 using my college email, and over the next few years used the app extensively. I graduated in May 2018 and had access to all my notes for a while afterwards. I then stopped using the app for maybe a year, but when I tried to log on in October 2020, I couldn't find my notes. They were all gone. I didn't follow up sooner due to pandemic life getting in the way, but now that things have calmed down, I just tried logging on again, and again, no notes. No notebooks. Nothing. I've lost years of notes, which I now need. I've logged in with every email I've ever had, just in case I misremembered the actual login email. Each email yields a 'member since October 2020', except for my college alumni email, which says 'member since July 2018'. I don't think my college created a new account with my alumni email- I think I created a new account with that email. In fact, I don't believe my college had any role in creating or maintaining my Evernote account. However, the original college email stopped receiving emails a few weeks after graduation. But I don't think the defunct email should be relevant, because if I remember correctly I could still see all my notes even after that email stopped working. How are all of my hundreds of notes gone, and how can I get them back? 

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21 minutes ago, Halldor said:

How are all of my hundreds of notes gone, and how can I get them back? 

My guess is that all the notes are still there, protected by account id/password

You didn't mention your platform/device
I recommend the web platform at www.evernote.com    
to avoid debugging device issues

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I am not aware that EN would monitor inactivity and start sending reminders to take action. However if they would do something like that, they would approach the e-mail-address that was linked to the account. If that does not work any longer, an important part to prove to EN my identity is lost.

Using a temporary mail account for accessing a permanent service was not a good idea. I don’t know whether your former college would do you the favor to reactivate the old e-mail temporarily.

Maybe something else has happened: If you made a typo when entering your login, you can easily create another, empty account instead of opening the existing one. Maybe check on that as well.

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