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Managing share permissions


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Most of my notes are marked "shared with 2 people".  I cannot figure out who these notes are shared with or how to unshare them.  Since most of my notes are in the General Notes notebook probably the entire notebook is shared, but again I cannot find who the notebook is shared with or how to unshare it.  The answers I have found from other users on the web do not work for me.  I suspect it is because I am using a newer version of Evernote.

I am a premium member and have been using Evernote for years now.  I would really like to know what happened to "tech support".  Is there no such thing anymore?



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In the new desktop clients:

  • Click right on the "Notebooks" string in the left side panel. The notebook window will open.
  • Click on the 3 dots behind the notebooks date far right. The first menu item is to see and control the shares for this notebook.

Similar in the web client.

On a mobile client, click on the notebook in the notebook list, when the notes list shows, on the head+ - icon top right. A page will open to edit the shares, or create new ones.

The sharing of notebooks is described in detail in this help document:


There is another one for sharing a single note, and more for publishing notes and notebooks.

If you want to reach out for support, the best way is through one of the clients.

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It's also possible to search for shared notes with sharedate:* in the search box.  If you get a number which is much higher than you expect,  you should definitely raise this with Support - I have a ticket running with them over some of my notes which -when I used the new client- I saw as 'shared' for the first time.  Turns out the Legacy app also shows them as shared,  it's just not as obvious.  Needless to say I know I didn't share these notes...

There are no actual 'shared to' email addresses on my notes,  but they all do have an active public address which means that anyone with that address could theoretically view the note.  Since I haven't sent the URL to anyone AFAIK they're still private...  If this sounds like your case,  mention ticket# 3274637 and this thread in your report! 


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