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Bring back the sync button!



My email is not going through to Evernote and there’s no sync because the newest version “automatically syncs” (not, by the way).  I have spent the last hour trouble shooting on this - Evernote shut down, brought back, computer and all devices shut down, brought back.  Confirmed Evernote is updated.  Premium for almost a decade.  This is very frustrating.  Having a sync button would at least confirm whether syncing is happening.  Another frustration is sending me into blog land for an answer.  It would be nice if there was someone from Evernote to weigh in on this.  So, is it time to look for a new app?  Email and scanning is all I use Evernote for - help!!!

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I've had issues here too on notes with multiple editors. Seems like the auto-sync is not always very quick, so notes will get overwritten when someone re-opens their mobile Evernote client days after making edits.

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For a sync button, this is the wrong forum !

Why ?

Because this is the iOS v10 Forum, and there are several possibilities how to sync the iOS client.

  1. Pull down the note list with a finger, and let go. The sync wheel appears above of the notes, spinning as long as it syncs.
  2. Go to settings, sync, choose „sync now“. And guess: It syncs !

If your problem is that other clients are not syncing on demand, open a thread in these forum entries, or even better support the threads that already exist. Since syncing always takes place to the server database, this has nothing to do with how the iOS client is syncing.

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@Heidiaho If you want to reach support, place a support ticket. Where is the problem ?

The easiest way is through the iOS client, because this does not rely on the web site. Open the iOS app, go to settings, support, last menu item „Issue a support ticket“. It is limited to 500 characters, but support will come back to you with an e-mail. Enough time and space then to elaborate.

Else go to the web client, log in, and when you see your notes (home screen), click on your name top right. A menu opens, with the support option. There are support options in the help menu of the other clients, but they usually take you to the web client anyhow.

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