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Hi all!

So, the new advanced search feature of Evernote 10+ has some lacks in terms of Negative Condition options. For example how could user view all notes without tags, or without certain tags and with certain other tags, or without tables but with images etc. Is there an obvious solution?

This might be very useful.

For now I can use sign minus to exclude words from search results. Any constructions like "tags: -ABC, -CD" are not desirable in new EN 10+ user interface conception I guess.


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Given that the filter menu now has lots of options that were previously available only through using the search syntax I think the addition of the ability to negate items in the filter list would be a really useful further addition. e.g. clicking the box once would select the filter, again would negate it and then again clear it. It would also be nice to have a negative lozenge at the top of the note list. This would avoid the rather strange look of a search containing both a tag and NOT a tag

So a search of 

-tag:garden tag:$critical

Ends up displaying as:


It's not essential because as @PinkElephantsays the search syntax still works well. If the idea is to make these advanced search features more accessible to casual users then it would it be worth adding.

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You can use the advanced search feature. It is not fully Boolean, so you need to understand it’s use by trying it out. Examples:

-Tag:mytag   Will find all notes without the tag „mytag“. Write without a space, the minus serves as negative operator.

-Tag:*    Will find all notes without any tag

You can read more about it in these documents:

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