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Default note fonts

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I may well be in the wrong form area, but it seems they've moved everything around in the new version (v10?)


How and where do I set and/or change the default fonts for the notes?  I'm having to set each note separately as I go now

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Normally the SansSerif should be set as default - not changeable, AFAIK.

When you create a note, change the font and save it as template, it should retain the changed font when you draw copies from it (Have not tried this) .

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OK, thanks.  Now, save as a template...?  To be more clear, I know what a template is, but how do I create one and then set it as the "default form" for new notes?

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A template is a master note. You reach it when creating a new note - which by default is empty and has the same, system defined properties and formats. You can save any note you created as a template - usually templates are mainly empty, just holding the structure of something for you to fill.

You can replace the new empty note by a template by clicking here, and then deciding which template to use:


Save a note as a template :



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