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I am using the Android app on my vivo phone to scan my notebook. In the past scanning was fast. Now, on my first try with the new version scanning is slow, 10-15 seconds to scan one page. Previously, about 5 seconds per page. Also, just to list all my problems, now EN flips my portrait notebook scan into landscape. Is anyone else experiencing this, or is it just me? Is there a fix?

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Hi, exactly same problem here on my Galaxy.

Scan documents in Evernote was one of its best features and I've been using it for years, it was fast and effective, removed shadows, optimized contrast ... now it takes sooooo long, results are often blurred or even unusable, it forces me to take several shots of the same document, waste of time and memory,  very bad!

Only workaround I found (not so great, but works) is out of Evernote: install Microsoft Lens for Android ==> save pic ==> share with Evernote.

Results are OK, time needed is OK, even if the old Evernote Scan was better to me in both departments.


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