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Search/Find within Encrypted Notes Not working

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I used to be able to use CTRL + F to search my encrypted Note (once it was unlocked) yet it doesn't seem to be possible now. 

10.9.10-win-ddl-public (2439)
Editor: v119.1.15375
Service: v1.30.2

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If the search index would include the content of encrypted notes (better the encrypted text), I would regard it as a pretty serious breach of encryption.

The search index is outside of the encrypted part, which means it would hold part of what was encrypted in the „open“ section. 

A good encryption must maintain zero knowledge outside of the encrypted segment. No search index, no hints, no nothing.

Legacy had a local search index, which probably was regarded as less critical than the server based search on v10.

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Yes I totally get that @PinkElephant, but that is why I said "Once It was unlock" . In the past I have have been able to unlock my encrypted note, then click CTRL+F and enter my term and it would find the term in the note.  

I'm not expecting any returned results using the general search. 

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