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Everything out of Evernote

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Hi there,

I'm on a Mac (Big Sur) and want all of our data out of Evernote.  All the notes are stored as PDF, and I simply want to mass export the lot out, as PDF.

I'm only seeing export as .enex?

Is there way to get everything out as I want to move pdfs to an internal drive.

I've tried both the App and online version, so still stuck.



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51 minutes ago, mbeaumont said:

I'm on a Mac (Big Sur) and want all of our data out of Evernote.

I'm using the Evernote Legacy product, and am able to export in HTML format1711960736_ScreenShot2021-03-16at09_01_26.png.a7386fa1d3285e77ea27658287a82a11.png
I run this weekly as part of my data backups
Attachments like pdfs are exported in their native format

I can also select all notes and File > Save Attachments

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