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Latest Evernote Android update is terrible. App is barely usable. Any advice?

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Hi everyone,

Evernote user since 2013 here. Evernote recently implemented an update to its Android app, and this is by far the worst update I have experienced. It has made the app barely usable on my phone (web version is still the same).

Some examples:

  • When saving web articles, the Evernote app opens (before, only a small circle popped up toward the bottom of my screen). If I leave the app right away, the article does not save properly;
  • When saving web pages / articles to my Evernote, there is a constant bug that shows the note previously saved when the app pops up. It's become almost impossible to properly save a new article;
  • I cannot add new tags easily like before. I have to "Find Tags", and if I want to add a new tag, it needs to be "created". I cannot simple type text and separate new tags by a comma. As a result the tag functionality is barely usable;
  • The first time I use this new update, I used a specific tag (let's call it "media"). Now, every time I save a new item to my Evernote, the tag "media" is written by default, and I cannot even delete it! So every single new note added to my Evernote comes with this default tag. 

There are many other issues I could point out, but these are the most obvious. I've been using Evernote for more than 7 years and this is by far the worst update I've seen. The app has unfortunately become almost unusable, and I am thinking about cancelling my subscription or switching to a new app if this cannot be fixed.

Any suggestions? Is Evernote planning to revert to an older version?


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I am having the same problems with tags per note above. SLOW to lookup from existing tags; prefilled old tags that cannot be removed.  Awful!  I submitted a tech support ticket, but they don't seem to be aware of the problem.  

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Likewise, every clip has last clip's tags defaulted into it, so you have to search for those tags and deselect them before searching/creating for current clip. Also, if you leave the app window before clip has saved (assuming that it will complete in the backgroun) it often leaves that clip hanging there until you reopen evernote and have to save it. Clunky clunky.

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On 3/16/2021 at 1:58 PM, sdnntt said:

Any suggestions? Is Evernote planning to revert to an older version?

You pose a question to which, I guess, you already know the answer. No they don't. You could go through the process of getting the previous version from an apk repository such as apkmirror. Uninstall v10, install the old version and be sure to turn off auto updates for that version. I kept the old version before the upgrade arrived knowing the challenges that iOS users had experienced but I haven't felt the need to revert as yet.

Personally, I'm not experiencing anything significant in therms of issues with the Android release. It is a tad slow when I start up at the beginning of my day but thereafter it flies along. I can do all the things I need and I can see that some of the nice to haves are appearing (eg being able to to place a shortcut to a specific note on the phone screen). I'm also aware of some nice additions that are coming along but others will, perhaps rightly, complain that things that haven't been fixed should be tackled before new features.

v10 certainly isn't a completed work but the old version was pretty challenging at times too. I'm more than content with where we are and seem to be heading. But if the current version was getting in the way of my work then I'd revert via apkmirror as described.

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