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Notes not synced between Windows desktop, iPhone and iPad

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The sync between my different devices seems very erratic.  New notes in a folder in my desktop (Inbox) don't appear on my phone; a new note created on my phone has the green 'not synced' flag on it, but has actually synced to my desktop and appears there.  My iPad has a different set of recent notes in the same folder, not the same as the desktop.  Again, some notes that have the green flag, created on the iPad are actually there on the desktop. 

On both the IOS devices when I go to the menu, choose Sync and Sync now, I only get a slow rotating icon that just sits there for ... well, I've left it for an hour now and nothing has changed.

The Windows desktop version seems to be correct and up to date - it's just that a different selection of notes appears on each IOS device. 

Both IOS devices are on v 10.6 (1111498)

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1 hour ago, normanlamont said:

The sync between my different devices seems very erratic.

Hi.  The sync is actually from one device to the server,  and from the server to another device - hence the advice elsewhere around here,  to make sure you sync both before and after adding or editing a note,  to ensure that you're dealing with the latest version.  If there are any discrepancies between devices,  sign in to Evernote.com and check the note content there.

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Thanks for replying, Gazumped.  I can see why you'd want to sync before and after adding a note, but now, on both devices, syncing seems to tie up Evernote for - well I don't know how long as I've always stopped it after 20 minutes or so.

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