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EN Android - Shared notes not visible under ALL Notes?

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Notes in a Shared notebook (shared from somebody else) are not visible within All Notes.

I checked the issue is on any Android device with different versions of Evernote, same issue. 

There is no issue at all on iOS / Mac /PC. Only Android is affected by that.

I tried to resynch notes, delete the Android apps and again etc...same. Doesn't help.

Is this a limitation of Android version of Evernote?

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On iOS I had to reactivate the share to make it work. I went to the original message with the share, and clicked on it again. From then on the shared notebooks and notes were back, working again. Search inside of these note(book)s shared to me is working again since EN mobile 10.5.

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On 3/15/2021 at 9:29 PM, PinkElephant said:

EN mobile 10.5. 

iOS is slowly getting better now 10.7 .

But I am talking Android and my Android devices haven't seen any udates for me at least, Iam still on, both Android 9 and 8 show for me the latest version available is stuck on 8.13.3.  What's the minimum Andoid requirement to get EN 10.5 on Android?

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