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(Archived) embedding files

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I think the new evernote has tremendous potential for 'life streaming' but I don't think it will fulfill it until you can embed documents (pdfs mainly, but also Office etc.) and video (i.e. YouTube etc. in it). Otherwise you're only recording part of your recordable life! Appreciate it would be a performance/memory headache. I suppose the same could be said of audio files too.

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PDF support is coming soon. We haven't yet figured out whether/how we want to handle arbitrary files ... storing 20MB ZIP files would be technically straightforward, but it starts getting pretty far away from "your notes and memories" and into "a parallel operating system", but we're still thinking it over.


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Thanks for your reply. PDF support is good news. I can well see the dilemma - the problem is there's no obvious boundary between thoughts and memories and, say file storage. However many of us shoot short mpegs on our cameras (I suppose often over 20mb) - they certainly do fit in the memories category!

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We actually have long-term interest in storing videos ... as you point out, these are your memories. We'd need to work out the details of video encoding, of course, since that's a messy area.

The other end of the spectrum would be people stuffing "explorer.exe" into Evernote since they remember using IE at some point in the past. That's what we'd like to avoid. ;-)

Thanks again

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The other end of the spectrum would be people stuffing "explorer.exe" into Evernote since they remember using IE at some point in the past. That's what we'd like to avoid

This is one of the reasons I use Personal Brain so much for memories... I *can* drag files, any file, into it ... AND have the file be searchable....

I'm not sure what the issue would be if people would "misuse" EverNote as file storage. Storage and bandwidth are cheap. This isn't 1998... Heck, I store GB's of information on S3 at a couple of *cents* per month.... I have 60 GB of backup on Carbonite with days of often 500MB-1GB of info changing and all that at 50 bucks per year.

Let's say I want to keep my InfoSelect 6 installer because I bought it, it has sentimental value to me.... What would the actual problem be for EN?

Way I see it, going this route will solve more problems down the road than that it creates. LOTS of people will come back with the idea of "how do I link reference files?" etc. If you can just have the stuff IN evernote... no problem anymore :D

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I suggest there should be an option inculeded in EN when you drag files(word, excel, pdf,etc.) into notes on your local computer.

If your local files too large to upload or you don't need to store in Web , EN just give u an option to show a link of files in the note(just like the primary version) . This will enable you manage your local info. more efficiently.

Of course, u also have option to upload the files if u want.

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