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Text formatting shortcuts not working - 10.9.10-mac-ddl-public (2439)

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Since the latest update of v10 for Mac the strikethrough shortcut isn't working.

Also, when I upgraded from v9 to v10 the underline and italic shortcuts didn't work and they still don't work with the latest v10 update.

Is there anything I can do to resolve this issue? Or anything else you'd need to know about to help resolve this issue?

Below is other information from About Evernote window:

  • Editor: v119.1.15375
  • Service: v1.30.2

Also, I'm enjoying v10. Except on Android it can be a bit slow. Other than that it's great!

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All the formatting works for me.  Bold, underline and italic, strikethrough, etc.  Maybe you can review the keyboard shortcuts.  They might have changed.

10.9.10-mac-mas-public (458488)
Editor: v119.1.15375
Service: v1.30.2
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