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Restore old version of note with basic accoun



I use the web version on my laptop and the android version for my smartphone. Sometimes it comes that I work on the same note on both devices (e.g. when I have to add a photograph from my mobile device).

This is why sometimes I receive the hint "sychnronisation conflict". Normally, this is no problem since I know which was the "real" last version. But this time it seems that I clicked on "ignore" with the wrong note and it replaced the current note with an old version (2 days old with lots of work missing). There was no automated copy generated and I did not put something in the trash. It has simply overwritten the current note with the old version.

Is it possible to restore this note with a basic account?

There is no version history in the basic version so I can not do it on my own. I would be glad for any support on this! I attach you the bread crumbs from the time when it must have happened.

Best regards


Log File.txt

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If the note has synced to the server before, it is probably in note history. This runs always, for all accounts. Access is a Premium feature.

If you value your work more than 1 month of subscription, buy a month of Premium. Once upgraded you find note history in the note information.

If a note was completely deleted, no history left. And no guarantees, I am just another user. If still having problems after upgrading, you can try support to help.

When Premium it may be a good time do do some more, like uploading a ton of things. They will be available even after downgrading again. Just keep note sizes below the Basic limit of 25 MB - makes life easier later.

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Muchas gracias!
I didn't consider the possibility to use the trial days to restore my data. I upgraded now to Premium, restored my note, and I will consider if the premium version will be worth to keep or if I cancel the contract.

In fact, have hundreds of notes, but they are all text documents and links, so no MB-intense data where Premium would be a huge benefit.

However, I am very happy to have my data back! This Premium function is truely valuable.  Thanks, PinkElephant!

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