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I updated to 10.9 and all my links to hard drive files are now gone to pis*

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All links to my hard drive files (excel, documents etc.) are now gone. I now have just simple text instead. Hundred of links. A few monhs ago I had to re-add all those links manually. Now I can not even link to them back.

Why the f are you guys constantly ***** up my workflow? Linking to files on hard drive has been a problem since day 1 with the new Evernote. What the f is so hard to make a simple link work? Why has this simple task been ignored for so many months? Why have you removed the file:/// option without a similar option to replace it? It should litterally take a junior developer a few minutes to make this sh*t work. Or to add an extra field for adding hard drive links. Instead, you give up tens of updates on how you can now add a new ******y hot key shortcut that nobody cares about. That's what you're focusing on.

And now I have to find new workarounds and it would probably take you screwups months to have this fixed. If ever. 💩


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Hi.  Just for info - although the space is provided by and administered by Evernote we're a mainly user supported forum.  Aggravation is wasted on us - please vent at Support if you need to.

As to recovering links - short term you may find that typing a space after a text link will convert it back into a hyperlink.  Or check out Note History to see if the format is recoverable there.  Or if you haven't already,  you could install the Legacy version and use that until Support can help you out.

I'm still using the 'old' Windows version while things like this are happening - I know I'll have to update eventually,  but everything is working as well as it used to around here...

Hope you get your links back.

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2 hours ago, Tazzz said:

And now I have to find new workarounds

The only workaround I know of is to create a windows shortcut to the file or folder you are interestred in. You can then attach that shortcut to a note. Attachments demand a line to themselves but you can get round this by using a table. It works well for new shortcuts although probably not as easy or convenient. Obviously it won't work for your existing shortcuts.


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