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IOS Webclipper Share Menu Doesn't Always Load

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Sometimes the webclipper on iOS iPad Safari doesn't appear in the share menu and you can't add it via the 'edit actions'. Restarting iPad brought icon back into share menu. 
Also when saving PDFs from Safari, dialog box pops up as normal but doesn't save the PDF - comes up in Evernote as 'shared content' with a small non-specific file which has a size of 103 B. 

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I've also experienced this more than once on the iPhone (needing to restart to get the share option to reappear). And, I've had clients report it to me as well. I mentioned it somewhere else in the forum, and hope that it is being addressed!

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Impossible to have the Webclipper. I downloaded it few weeks ago and it worked perfectly, but suddenly it stopped. I have restart my computer nothing. I have re-downloaded it several times, but nothing happens. The icon is still there, in the URL bar, but is inactive.

Hope you can help. Thanks.  

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To everybody talking about a web clipper for iOS : There is NO web clipper for iOS, by any meaning of the word. WebClipper is a browser extension that only lives on the desktop browsers, with advanced clipping options.

On iOS there is the option to share a web site to EN, by the share menu.

If EN is not listed when you click „share“ from Safari, first check the 3-dots icon at the Right end of the share icons. Sometimes it is in there, and just needs to be activated.

If not, switching the iPhone (iPad) completely off and on again is said to help.

For a more advanced clipping option (similar to the simplified clipping in web clipper) there is an iOS shortcut „Share web Page with EN“. Initially it did not work with v10, but it is back.

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Hi Pink Elephant, thanks for the clarification.

Interested to get a link or information on how to set up the iOS shortcut as I can't find it anywhere.


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I use a mini 5 Ipad and whenever I try to send a webpage from Safari to EN via the share\copy\send button of the browser, EN seems to get stuck and a message appears when I open the app saying that the page is being imported, but even hours after it still does not appear among the notes. It is completely useless.

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I can confirm that restarting my iPhone resolved the issue for me. It also looks like restarting brought back several other apps as options in the Share To sheet that I didn't notice were missing earlier.

Does the restart force iOS to refresh its suggested apps?


iOS 14.4.2 and EverNote 10.7.1.

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Evernote is not always an export choice for exporting a web page from Safari. These are usually web pages that require a login, but there are other ways to export the web page content such as to Apple Books or Apple Notes or to a Printer or some other third party apps. Why can't I export such pages to Evernote and Is there a good workaround? 

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This issue keeps cropping up and as a heavy iOS user is very frustrating. I hope Evernote addresses this soon because it's wearing my patience down.

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@Emy Does restarting your device help to fix the missing "share" icon issue? Or, after restarting, is it still missing?

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  • Shane D. changed the title to IOS Webclipper Share Menu Doesn't Always Load
55 minutes ago, Shane D. said:

Hi All, 

This is an issue that we're aware of, and are working to address.

Recent update we've released will hopefully improve the behavior for the time being.

I'll provide an update here once I have more information.

As a workaround, restarting your iOS device may temporarily fix the issue.

This may be a bigger issue than the clipper for EN. Multiple times this week I have gone to share something to different applications and they haven't been there in the clipper. Apple Notes, Goodnotes, Instapaper all have disappeared and reappeared with no rhyme or reason.

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Sounds more like a general issue with iOS than with EN or any other specific app.

Personally I have not noticed it in this way. What I Have noticed is that sometimes the menu items in the share window are reduced . I have interpreted this that sometimes a function may not be available, and instead of graying it out they take it off the menu dynamically. If the same is true for the app icon row it would explain why apps disappear and reappear without any obvious logic. Maybe the dynamic function is assuming wrong app-to-app interactions.

I am now on iOS 14.5 and will check in the next days whether it stays dynamic when sharing.

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