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I just installed the latest beta release, on my 11 Max Pro. The app simply freezes on the home screen. Gets past the password, the introduction and then becomes unresponsive. Restarted the phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, the same, it just freezes.

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Are you getting stuck on the screen that talks about the new task feature? If so, there's an issue with the rendering of text on the page that is resulting in pushing the button to continue off the screen for smaller device sizes. Can you please try going to Settings -> Display & Brightness -> Text Size. Please move the slider to the left, then return to Evernote. That should shrink the text enough to reveal the button. Once you've clicked the button, you can revert the Text Size to your previous setting. We will have a fix for this in the next version we push. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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