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Hi. I've copied some text from a Docs to Go document and pasted it into Evernote on my Android (Samsung Galaxy, 2.1). However, it isn't syncing & is stuck in Pending notes. Here is the error from the Error log:


EDAMUserException: null

errorCode=ENML_VALIDATION, parameter=An invalid xml character (unicode: 0x) was found in the element content of the document.

Now, that might be true - but what on earth does it mean & how do I fix it!!?? :(

Thanks for any help!!

Phil G

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Are you using the version of Evernote from the Android Market, or have you installed the more recent 2.0 betas from this forum?

I believe you can clear out this problem if you mount the SD card via USB and delete the "Evernote" folder to reset the application and remove all local data.

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But what if there are changes in the local notes that you need to synchronize? I need those changes before I can delete the files on Android. (or they will be lost!) Also, where did pending notes go on the Android app. I was going to try to find that but it doesn't exist anymore. At first the new version seemed like a huge usability improvement. Unfortunately I'm losing information now....first time that's ever happened with EN....

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