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I am using Evernote 10.8.6 on a MacBook Pro and it keeps duplicating new notes that I'm working in.  A ribbon appears that say "We found more than one version of [note name]. You can view the alternate here. I has happened on almost every new note I've created the last couple of days.

Screenshot of Evernote (3-11-21, 8-30-53 AM).png

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I'm having the same problem on Windows 10 Pro using version, and I get the same message as above. It's very annoying. I was on a webinar today, and I ended up with ten notes. Please solve this.



10.9.10-win-ddl-public (2439)
Editor: v119.1.15375
Service: v1.30.2
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I getting duplicate notes fairly regularly, esp when I edit in IOS (10.5.1) and then go to that note on Mac desktop (10.9.10).

As best I can tell the note isn't syncing on IOS before I open the desktop. I go to IOS to check if the data is still there, then it syncs, and then a duplicate note is created.

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I'm having the same problem, no matter which operating system I use ( macos, ios, windows ). I don't know the programming language in which evernote is written, but facebook solved the "state problem" with Redux


The duplication problem is caused probably because the "single source of truth for the state" is not working properly.
It's very annoying. It's not a minor bug (something that you can live with). I consider it a major bug and it should be treated with the highest priority. 



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