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Can I delete an exb file from 2015?

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.exb files are still used by the Evernote Legacy product (Windows)   
They are not used by the Evernote Version 10 product

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2 hours ago, UK CADMAN said:

so as I have version 10.9.10 on my windows laptop

Personally, I'm still using the Legacy product    
imho The Version 10 product is a work-in-progress, and not ready for general use

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One can discuss that opinion. I think v10 is now serving most use cases of „the average user“. IMHO there is no reason for these users to continue with legacy.

Power users with above of 10k notes or elaborate Workflows will stick with legacy.

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1 hour ago, PinkElephant said:

One can discuss that opinion

Or we can discuss "I can safely delete the .exb file"  🙂

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7 hours ago, UK CADMAN said:

@DTLow - so as I have version 10.9.10 on my windows laptop I can safely delete the .exb file in my GDrive?

Belts and suspenders, change the extension to exbbu or something and see if anything "bad" happens.  Not likely, and then delete the file.  OTOH, if the modified date is from some time ago, okay to delete. 

If it's a backup file in general there shouldn't be any impact.  Unless you need the backup for something.  A lot of water under the bridge since 2015.

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