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Select All (text): behaviour different when opening search with mouse click or keyboard shortcut


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This issue is reproducable across multiple pop up text search fields (Tags, Search, etc). But the one which is best example: 

Search notes

  • Command + Option + F (open global search) -> enter text -> Command + A (select all) = Selects all text you have entered (expected behaivour)
  • Select search with mouse click                         -> enter text -> Command + A (select all) = Selects all notes in background (unexpected behaviour when your cursor is focused on a search field)

It may be a niche scenario linked to how I work, but the tendency to want to select all text then hit delete once, is faster than holding backspace and waiting. 

This has other issues with adding Tags via the pop up window (Control+Option+Command+T), as I have to cancel the tag edit after using select all (losing earlier tag edits) to avoid making changes to selected underlying notes. 



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