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Cuts off text when printing a note

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I do basic word proccing in Evernote and I need to print these notes regularly.  

For the past couple of months, notes have not been printing text past a certain point in the note. Usually around the start of page three of the print.  Sometimes it will cut off mid line. (print the top half of the text and not the bottom.)

Sometimes, printed notes will split a line of text between two pages, printing the top of the line on one page and the bottom of the page on the other.

I am coping and pasting notes into Word as a work around.  It this cant be fixed I will need to stop using Evernote in my daily work flow.

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Printing in Evernote v10 is entirely ineffective. There is no page formatting so text is just dumped to the printer queue and is cut at the end of the printer page border.  At the moment the only pront option is to print from inside the legacy program.

There is no indication of when the printing stuff is going to be addressed. So legacy or nothing.

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Same problem here. The note is cut ant the tables are also cut.

When printing from Legacy product it works like a charm. Plus the legacy product ads a nice header with title, notebook, date created and date updated. 

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Do the developers at Evernote know about this stuff and is it not a priority to fix? I have so many files and tags set up in the system it would be a huge undertaking to switch software at this point. What is going on? 

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If you want to be sure about whether they know, issue a support ticket.

They pretty much know about it (I assume ...). But printing is not that simple task everybody thinks it is. EN is not page oriented as a word processor, and a note can contain multiple types of content, even nested into each other (like a table containing a picture). 

To get a neat printing result, they need to build a page layout from scratch in the background, and pass this on to the printer. Not impossible, but I understand why it takes them time to build.

For the meantime you can use the legacy client, that has a nice printing feature.

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To be honest, it is too unfortunate for EverNote to have this kind of problems, particularly when it worked properly in previous versions. Looks like this should be easy to solve, yet it may take years until we see it working again.

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It is not that easy, given the fact that an EN note is practically an endless web page. The concept of a page is foreign to it, especially when you think about the paper format issue, different between countries and even within (letter/legal).

But not easy is in the end what we are paying for - and printing is such a basic option for everybody that it needs to be fixed - soon and for all clients. The legacy workaround is just for desktops ☹️

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