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All my files deleted suddenly HELP

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hello, i am very very mad because my notes got all deleted. i had like 30 written notes, very important and i used evernote for several years. Why is it suddenly deleted? i havent made new account! I just loged in since like 1 week and suddenly nothing is there. the trash is empty

i checked online and saw no one logged in. no unknown device was used



please someone help! I need answer from evernote team!

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I am having the same problem as many people, I updated my Evernote, afterwards I was asked to sign in, when I signed in with the same email I have always used, instead of signing me in it created a new account. Now all of my notes for my thesis are deleted.

I can find all the folders that have my data which is stored on my computer but they are all encrypted and wont go back into Evernote.


Please help!!!

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